11 Healthy Foods You Should Never Eat When Trying To Lose Weight

11 Healthy Foods You Should Never Eat When Trying To Lose Weight

Dealing with Your Hunger is the worst part when trying to lose weight. Changing your eating habits and your lifestyle is a challenging whirl. Lots of experts believe it’s stupid to ban yourself from eating your favorite foods – that snubbing yourself something you really want to eat can ultimately lead to orgy eating and gain weight eventually. It’s OK to indulge sometimes!

But some foods that are branded “low-fat” or “healthy” or “low sugar” can be unexpectedly high in calories and hence those foods really do deserve the axe – specifically if you are trying to lose weight fast. In which case, evade these foods (when you can!) to stave off hunger and cravings, and support your efforts to slim down:

  1. Whole Wheat Pasta

When trying to lose weight, one substitutes the white pasta for brown pasta, which is a great step towards a healthy diet. The fact is, the brown past can also be a sabotage to weight loss. The whole wheat pasta is high in carbohydrates that digest into sugars in our body. It may also contain as many calories as your preferred white pasta. Suggestion: For a low carbohydrate option, replace your pasta with spaghetti squash.

  1. Multi-Grain Bread

Multi-grain bread may sound healthy to you, but most of those miss out on minerals and vitamins. While preparing the bread, the grains may be over processed, thus, doffing the grains of their fiber and nutrients. Suggestion: Go for a whole grain bread. This bread is higher in fiber, more nutritious and more filling for you. Moreover, sourdough bread has many amazing benefits. Thus, you don’t have to live without white bread.

  1. Frozen Dinners
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When trying to lose weight, frozen healthy dinners are a very dangerous choice. Some of those foods may be low in sugar or fat, but most of them are full of junks. These foods can easily and quickly cooked in one’s microwave, however, some of your favorite frozen meals are over 1000 calories per serving. Suggestion: Instead, try to make leftover portions from lunches and reheat them for dinners. In this way, you may calculate the exact calories of your food.

  1. Low-Calorie Snack Packs

When changing food habits, fixed calorie snack packs are a great way to enjoy treats in a controlled manner. The fact is these products have horrible nutritional content. These foods are actually unhealthy food but are packaged and ad in such a way that will make you think it’s good to eat them daily. Suggestion: Keep in mind, these foods are treated only and as you know treats shouldn’t be consumed daily.

  1. Sugar-Free Products

Sugar-free products may have lower calories, however, these foods contain unhealthy sugar alternatives. As per several studies, your body these fake sugars as if it were real, thus, raising your insulin levels. Most of the sugar alternatives have their own risk. Suggestion: So before taking any sugar-free product, research and be cognizant with what you are consuming.

  1. Tropical Fruit
Healthy Foods Never Eat When Trying Lose Weight
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When trying to lose weight, fruit is considered as a great choice for snacks. However, most of the fruits have hidden calories and specifically tropical fruit is high in sugar. Although tropical fruits like ripe pineapple and mangos are delicious but should be consumed in moderation. Suggestion: Look for various soluble and insoluble fiber while shopping for fruit. Apples are lower in calories and are also packed full of fiber, so apples can be an incredible option.

  1. Restaurant
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Entree Salads So in the dinner, you ordered the salad instead of a burger – looks like the smart choice of action. Unfortunately, you may be eating more calories with your salad than the burger. Most of the salad dressings have hidden calories with dried nuts and fruits being common. Suggestion: Be content with what toppings you include and look for some low-calorie dressing options.

  1. Granola

Granola is everyone’s favorite topping to yogurts, desserts, and cereals. It is prepared from oatmeal and hence is considered as a healthy product by many of us. But the fact is, it is also loaded with plenty of butter and sugar. Due to these additions, Granola is unexpectedly high in calories. Suggestion: If you love crunchy topping for your dessert or yogurt then bran cereal is an amazing option for you. It will keep you full for a long time and is prepared from the fiber.

  1. Protein Bars

When you are on the go or don’t have time to rest for your meal, then protein bars may seem like an impeccable option. Remember, all of the protein bars are not prepared equally. Some of those are as unhealthy as candy bars. While buying a protein bar for yourself, look at its calorie content. Suggestion: If the bar is your meal replacement, then 350+ calories is a good range to go for and it should have at least 10g of protein. However, if it’s your snack bar then look for something lower.

  1. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter packed with healthy fats, however, it has also higher calories. Do you know that 1 tablespoon of peanut butter has almost 200 calories! Some of the peanut butter varieties have added sugar as well. Suggestion: Read the label for ingredients and check for natural and no sugar added products. Some varieties have a different flavor and might take some time to get used to. But the nutrition of natural products has better nutrition than the sugary types.

  1. Trail Mix
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If you are hiking, then Trail Mix is an amazing snack. However, if you’re not physically active then it might not be the best choice. Trail mix has nuts of very high calories and one can easily over indulge in the delicious nuts. Some varieties of trail mix also include candy and chocolate that are unhealthy. Suggestion: Make trail mix at home by mixing the low-calorie varieties. Don’t add any meat jerky or sugar added dried fruit.

Don’t Ban Yourself From Eating Your Favorite Food.

… But eat in moderation. Not all calories are created equal. Different foods go through numerous metabolic pathways in the body. If you really want to lose some of your extra weight without doing much then it is suggested to axe the above-mentioned foods from your eating habits. Strive for 3 meals a day. Always start your day with a healthy breakfast, but be cautious to choose sensibly.


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