7 Healthy Eating Habits We Should Learn From The French

7 Healthy Eating Habits We Should Learn From The French

Everyone in the world puts junk ahead of healthy food. Everyone in the world takes quick bites of breakfast in a hurry. Everyone in the world has a callous attitude towards meal timings and quality.

Yes. Everyone in the world.

But except the French.

You should look at the way they inculcate their eating habits. Right from the two year old kid to the ninety year old grandma, everyone seems to have the recipe for the fountain of youth.

Here are the 7 rules which prove why the French are the masters of fitness and healthy living.

1. Don’t Just Eat Their Food. They Relish It.

What’s the difference between eating and relishing? It’s the same that differentiates existing from living. When you eat, you just chew the food (probably you wouldn’t even be aware of that). But when you relish, that is when you actually live the moment and take pleasure in the food you eat.

The French don’t just stuff food into their mouths and try to push it down their throats. They enjoy every morsel of their food. Discussions on the food, the ingredients and the methods of preparation are their daily rituals.

2. Know When To Stop Eating

That’s a stomach you have got there, and not a garbage bin. And the French seem to be the only species on earth (other than animals and quite a few humans) who have understood that well.

They eat only when they are hungry. This, I would say, is the greatest contributor to their slim waists. Learning to control one’s meaningless cravings requires tough discipline, and the French seem to have truckloads of it.

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3. Have Light Dinner

Though this law is universal only a handful of us actually put it into practice. And the French constitute a majority of that handful. All they have for dinner is dessert and fruit, and all the main course cuisines are reserved for lunch.

Light dinner also quickens the digestion process and promotes excellent sleep. This is one of the many reasons why the French are amongst the happiest people on the planet.

4. Don’t Snack In The Midnight

Dinner puts a full stop to the day’s meal. While you and I are busy patrolling the kitchen for some midnight snack, the French are already into their deep slumber. A healthy slumber, that too.

Most of us eat in the midnight because we are not sleepy. Or to just pass the time. Their probably wouldn’t be anything unhealthier. We need to understand that food which is taken for the sake of amusement might as well turn into poison.

Healthy French Eating Habits
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5. Eat At The Dining Table

Each activity has its own place. Sleep should happen on the bed, reading should happen in the study and eating should happen at the dining table.

Most of us mix things.

In case you happen to be going to a French family’s home, remember to finish off your meal at the table before you hop onto anything else.

6. Are ‘Water’ People

They choose to end their day with a good amount of water. Water cleanses the system and detoxifies the body. It also enables better sleep.

Adults might have little wine, but hey, the glasses aren’t the size of water drums!

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7. Take Interest In Cooking

Cooking has lot more to it than just cutting, chopping and rustling. The French are very much interested in cooking as that would be the best way to know about their food. When we know how a particular dish is cooked, we appreciate our food and enjoy it more.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and eat the healthy way! The French way!


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