Woman Find Out Her Huge Engagement Ring Was Fake After 20 Years Of Marriage

Getting married is exciting! It’s described as the first step to spending life with someone loved and cherished. But still, the main moonlight of the show is usually the ring, and for a lot of women, it’s forever an essential symbol of love. For others, it doesn’t hold much importance. What will, however, be your reaction if you found out that your wedding ring is fake? This was precisely the case of a married woman who realized that the ring her man had purchased for her wasn’t a real one.

The revelation surfaced when students of her school held onto a diamond tester and went all around to check out their teacher’s rings. The unidentified woman has specifically been married to Husband for 20 years. Taking the incident to the internet, the students uploaded the outcome of their tests on TikTok, but this woman’s clip mainly went all viral.



The clip, which has been watched over three million times, showed the woman putting on a piece of glass on her finger, and it was indeed captioned: ‘Testing Teacher’s Diamonds Pt. II.’ A student went up to the teacher and showed her the diamond testing device. ‘Can I test it to see if it’s real? The student asked and responding, the teacher said: ‘Come on in.’

The teacher placed her left hand on the table and showed off the vast ring. The student commented on the ring’s size, and the teacher also responded, revealing they’ve been married for 20 years; hence it has to be significant. Unfortunately, the student broke some bad news as the tester beep on the ring signaled fake. ‘You said you’ve been married for 20 years? To be truthful, this isn’t real!’ The student added.


Feeling disappointed, the woman instantly called up her husband and blew hot with him. As seen in the clip, she removed the ring, as it appears the husband confessed he knew it wasn’t a genuine one due to her blasting utterance. ‘So you knew the ring wasn’t real? And still, you gave it to me after 20years? So this is what I am getting. Ok, you know what, you felt it was going to be me and you tonight; guess what it isn’t. It is certainly not going to be.’ The woman said as she speaks with the Husband on the phone.


Nevertheless, millions of people reacted to the startling clip and opined that the student is ruining marriages. ‘I am deeply sorry for her husband when she gets home.’ A user commented. A second added: ‘Just imagine being married for 20 years just for someone to mess it all up with a diamond test.’