When Delivery Guys Surprised Customers So Much They Just Had To Share

Everybody requires to discover a method to enliven their day at work – even shipment individuals. Going from home to home dropping off individuals’ mail may not look like the most amazing task worldwide, however, individuals on this list assembled by Bored Panda sure had a good time with it – even if their clients’ didn’t constantly value the effort.

From concealing plans in unusual locations to customized notes and images to bed shipments, these devoted employees make shipments instead of pick-up the apparent option. So next time you see your mailperson or messenger provide a shout out and you may simply get a unique drop-off of your own. Scroll down listed below to see some funny shipment and do not forget to upvote your favs!

#1 Pizza Delivery Guy Stopping For 2 Minutes Of Silence

May 4th is National Remembrance Day in The Netherlands for those who have actually fallen in WWII and in later wars and acts of terrorism. At 8 PM there are 2 minutes of silence which is extensively appreciated. Trains and cable cars hold still, as everybody else does.

#2 I Get An Email Every Time I Get A Package Delivered To My Apartment’s Mailroom. It’s Supposed To Be A Photo Of The Label, But There’s This One Guy…

#3 Amazon Guy

#4 Due The Truckers Manifestations, Brazilian Gas Stations Are Out Of Gasoline. That’s How The Pizza Guy Came To My Neighbour’s House

#5 To The UPS Delivery Driver In Covington Washington That Got My Son His Own UPS Truck For Christmas Thank You So Much

My kiddo has autism and is consumed with them so this little act indicated a lot to him. UPS this staff member is incredible


#6 Caring Mailman

A week ago my canine Oliver had a stomach bug and might not eat his typical food. Daily the mailman would toss him a reward and we informed him to hold back for a bit up until he was feeling much better. This remained in our mail box today

#7 My Husband Is A FedEx Driver. He Found A Lost Dog Today And Picked Him Up In His Truck. He Rode With Him Until He Was Safely Returned To His Owner

#8 My Friend’s Neighborhood Rafter Of Wild Turkeys Have Taken To Following The Mailman Around As He Walks From House To House, Like Some Kind Of Avian Pied Piper

#9 The United States Postal Service Doesn’t Play Games

#10 The Mail Guy Hid My Package With The Pillows

#11 For As Long As I Have Lived In My House, Always Thought The Mailman Was Very Nice. He Put This In The Mailbox

#12 Made A Delivery, Then Saw Who It Was For

#13 Fair Enough

#14 And The Award For Best Mailman Of The Year Goes To…

#15 Grandma Got This Christmas Card From Her Mailman

#16 So My Dog Bit The Postman Earlier This Year… This Is His Christmas Card

#17 As Requested

#18 Postman Shows Respect In The Rain For A Funeral Motorcade That Was For A WWII Veteran

#19 “Harmless” Rivalry

#20 The Local FedEx Guys Always Keep It Real

#21 UPS Driver With A Sense Of Humor

#22 Mailman Brought My Girl A Special Treat

#23 You Wish Your Mailman Had This Much Swag

#24 I Missed My Graduation Ceremony For My Undergrad Degree. Thanks For The Photo Cool Mail Man

#25 Apparently The Regular Hand-Feeds This Dude Peanuts Every Day. I Was Wondering Why He Followed Me To 9 Apartment Doors And Then The LLV

#26 The Postman Saved Our Rabbits, Alice And Lilith, From Our Busy Road Then Left Us A Note

#27 That Face When They Realize You’re Just A CCA With No Dog Treats And Not The Regular That Feeds Them All Of The Time

#28 Pizza Delivery Guy Stuck In A Flooded Road, But Still Saves The Pizza. A True Hero

#29 A Facebook Friend Of Mine Looks Like The Mailman From Rick And Morty

#30 This Is Roger My UPS Driver. He Stopped By On His Day Off And We Saw His License Plate

#31 Amazon Driver Left A Positive Note On My Box

#32 Our Mailman Dresses Like Santa On Christmas Eve

#33 I’m Not Crying You Are

#34 Good Guy Domino’s

#35 Good Guy UPS

#36 Had Some Pizza Delivered. They Sent Their Cutest Delivery Guy

#37 Poncho, My Chihuahua, Hates The Mailman So The Mailman Brought Him A Bag Of Bacon Treats For Xmas

#38 Cheeky Mailman

#39 My New Fedex Guy Keeps A Wilson Volleyball In The Window Of His Truck

#40 My Dad’s A Mailman

#41 UPS Driver Has A Sense Of Humor

#42 Our Mailman

#43 Friendly UPS Guy

#44 I Don’t Live In A Great A Neighborhood. Thanks, USPS

#45 Just Another Day In My Hometown Of Anacortes, WA For The Local UPS Driver

#46 I’m Not Sure If You Will Be Able To See The Package Or Not But It Is Hidden Behind Some Sticks I Found

#47 Good Guy UPS Driver. Guess Where I Was At 5:04

#48 Southern Eastern Xpress, Guarenteed Overnight Delivery

#49 This Delivery Dude Must Have Felt So Good After Leaving This Package At My Apartment Building

#50 Happy Holidays From My Mailman Tony


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