These Cat Owners Realized Their Pets Might Be Weird and Evil

Meet Rick, the hedgehog who is constantly smiling. When we got this shy African Pygmy hedgehog from the breeder, he didn’t reveal us much pleasure. We utilized to believe, “This hog dislikes us”…

However then, gradually he opened and ended up being the most joyful little fellow who makes me smile even on the worst days. I began taking images of him since I believe he is the prettiest thing in the world. Rick constantly works the video camera like a supermodel.

These images are too cute not to share. Prepare yourself for a major cuteness overload!

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Chris’s thread overcame 24.1 k likes and was retweeted more than 3.2 k times, so undoubtedly, individuals might connect to his feline driving him nuts. Now, we understand we simply utilized the word ‘wicked’ up above simply a minute back, however each and every strange or irritating habit your feline shows has a clinical description for it.

Dr. Lorie Huston discusses that felines are “certainly not wicked, indicate, or vindictive by nature.” [Place daddy joke about felines being evil, indicate, and vindictive by choice.] According to the veterinarian, felines resemble individuals because they have really particular requirements. If those requirements aren’t satisfied, well … get ready for difficulty (and make it double!).


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Simply put, if your feline is imitating the most significant jerk on World Earth, it’s most likely attempting to let you understand that something’s incorrect. For example, if your feline is peeing and pooping left, right, up, down, and on your clothing, it might be a medical problem. Otherwise, your feline may have an issue with its litter box: make certain it’s big enough, tidy, and in a peaceful corner of your house.

Likewise, if your feline’s ripping, tearing, and clawing the holy bejesus out of your furnishings, it’s not had or ‘wicked’: it’s serving as a feline should. Felines require things to scratch. So get it a scratching post or something else to assist it to hone its claws, extend its muscles, and mark its area in peace.


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