The Worst Hotel Fails From Trips

Naturally, it’s tough to constantly keep a favorable mindset while working retail. Nevertheless, it is possible. At the end of the day, your joy at a retail task (or any task for that matter) boils down to having a positive outlook in general and organizing your own life. That includes stopping seeing yourself as a consistent victim, having a common sense of humor, being versatile, and repairing issues when they occur instead of moving the obligation or preventing them.

#1 Thailand Trolled Again. CPR Instructions Next To The Hotel Pool. They Have No Clue…

Do you understand the data of the number of individuals in fact pass away from soft nipples every year? Me neither. However if you ever have actually CPR done on you in Thailand and awaken with aching nipples, a minimum of be grateful for it may simply conserved your life.

#2 Found This Note In My Hotel Bed Last Night…

Discovered at the Wingate by Wyndham Hotel, this note was positioned under the fitted bottom sheet. The unfortunate fellow who came across it stated he might “plainly see the sheet of paper when pulled the leading sheet and blanket back.” Makes you question for how long it existed, does not it? Could be from pre-2000’s for all we understand.

#3 My Buddy Traveled Across The Country To Visit Me Last Weekend. Unfortunately, He Got Stuck In His Hotel Shower For 3 Hours. Shout-Out To Julio For Helping Out A Man In Need

To this point, nobody (even Julio) aren’t sure how he got stuck. The glass moving door might have been jammed in some way due to the fact that Julio needed to basically entirely remove it. Unfortunately, witnesses state Julio didn’t talk much. He simply kept telling them to ensure they informed the front desk about their problems so they might get a payment for that day of the stay. And to anybody questioning, it was the bad person’s sweetheart who called for help and took that valuable photo, no hotel ghosts were included!

#4 The Sink In My Hotel Room (Helsinki)

More like … Fail-sinki, am I right? Or Hell-sinki? No? Badsinki? I quit. If you wish to take a look at this gem of lousy style with your own eyes, check out the Scandic Helsinki, a 4 star company hotel that constantly understands how to shock its visitors.

#5 The Hotel I’m Staying At In India Doesn’t Want Me Looking Out The Windows In A Certain Direction

According to the visitor, nevertheless, they didn’t mind the blockage. “I see kids playing in the rubbish piles all day,” they stated. “Breaks your heart.” As you may’ve thought, this hotel lies “well away” from the touristy parts of Delhi.

#6 Welcome To The Hotel California!

The individual who took this image stated that it’s a rather brand-new hotel, opened a little over a year earlier. “Certainly not a momentary wall,” they included. “There is another space simply to the left of the frame of the photo.”

You can check-in anytime, but you can never leave, muahaha!

#7 Was Told My Hotel Room Had A Courtyard View. Was Not Disappointed. 10/10 Would View Again

In case you’re questioning, you can have a look at this amazing view in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, at House Inn by Marriott, best throughout the … yard, naturally. Simply ensure to learn if they have a space with scenic windows.

#8 This Toilet Paper Holder

Courtyard Marriott, everyone. A place that makes you pay to walk like a penguin. Unless you have the eye of Sherlock Holmes and are able to plan ahead. Then you’re fine.

#9 This ‘Art’ Above My Hotel Toilet

Cleaner: “Sir, it doesn’t matter what we use, the stuff just doesn’t come off.”

Manager: “Put a frame around it and let’s call it art.”

#10 This Hotel Mural In The Breakfast Area

It’s called “Shower drain pube collection” and is valued at $250,000. An original work of Pubelo Pissaco.

#11 The Door To My Hotel Balcony Is In The Shower Stall

You know what that means, right? The architect who designed it probably lives in that building across the street, constantly hoping to see some action.

#12 Taking A Shower In A Hotel In China

The hotel in China probably just used Google Translate. At least they tried to warn the guests. Or maybe they’re certain you’re going to slip, so they want to make sure you do it with grace.

#13 The Room Numbers In This Hotel

When you think about it, it’s funny that golden letters over golden wallpaper weren’t posh enough. They had to get golden nails as well.

#14 This Hotel Doesn’t Allow You To Use Books For Their Intended Purpose

I wonder, how many “displays” had to be stolen before the hotel put up this sign? Nothing says “Welcome” better than making your guests feel like thieves.

#15 This Hotel Forgot To Insert A Quote Into The Wall Decorations Text Sample

Everybody has their own inspirational quotes that keep them going throughout difficult times. This hotel chose to choose the classical one “Your text sample text your text sample text here your text” due to the fact that such knowledge undoubtedly improves everybody’s lives.

#16 The Braille In This Hotel Bathroom Sign Isn’t Raised

An ADA-compliant sign that’s very similar to this costs about $8 on Amazon, but I guess that’s way too much if you’re a a cheap skate hotel operator.

#17 This Stupid Doorstop In My Hotel Room. Banged My Foot On It Four Times Today

If you haven’t liked it, then you should have put a shoe on it. And if you feel as if this hotel doesn’t care about its guests at all, you’re right. I mean, just look at those misaligned skirting boards in the background.

#18 The Design Of These Curtains At A Hotel That My Parents Stayed At

Found at Novotel (Wellington, New Zealand), a minimum of these drapes produced a truly daddy papa joke. And what about those sheets, blankets, and upholstery that likewise had random red-ish and off-white splotches “printed” on them? Pretty amusing, huh?

#19 The Swimming Pool At The Motel 6 That I Stayed At Last Night

This was off of Interstate 95 in southern Georgia and, according to the visitor, they simply stopped there overnight on their method to Florida. I hope they left the establishment a one-star score, though! The less motels that do not cut their swimming pool routinely, the much better.

#20 A Motel Served Me This Breakfast Tray For $15 And Contains A Toaster, And A 2l Milk

At first, they give you a breakfast tray that contains a toaster then they charge you for $300 for lost equipment. And that’s only for the shampoo.

#21 Hotel Ad Vs. Reality In Vietnam

Jenny Kershaw from Manchester, tweeted an image from the Booking dot com page of the Mari Gold Hotel & House in Vietnam, highlighting a spectacular pool versus a bright sky. However beside the attractive breeze she shared an image of the truth– a small jacuzzi. Surprisingly, as her tweet was going viral, the travel business got in contact with Jenny, asking if she wants to make a protest however she decreased. Speak about vacation spirit!

#22 The Salt And Pepper Shakers In My Hotel Room

OK, let’s state there’s a sensible description for why the salt and pepper need to be sealed. Why keep the bags in bottles, though? Closed bottles? Simply put a lock on them if you do not wish to your visitors to bankrupt you with their extreme use of spices and minerals, you scrooge.

#23 Braille Numbering On A Bumpy Surface

The person who took this pic said that the symbols were probably made out of plastic or a resin. And even though they confessed they don’t know much about Braille, they tried feeling it and couldn’t differentiate between the dots and the bumpy design at all. I wonder why.

#24 This Hotel Room In San Francisco

What’s the railing’s purpose in this picture? To help guests climb the steep stairs or to… Prevent people from falling to their death each time they leave the room? Well, whatever the answer is, let’s hope the door doesn’t open outwards.

#25 Having The Bathroom In The Middle Of The Hotel Room

At least the lavatory is in a separate room. And you can chat to your SO while they’re watching TV. Just don’t book this room if you’re planning to go on a business trip with your colleague.

#26 My Mom Is At A Hotel And Found This Note In Her Robe

No one wants to sleep in used sheets or wear robes that have already been worn by other guests. That’s why white is the ultimate color of service since it’s easiest to spot any dirt. Some hotels nowadays are going green and only washing the items that have clearly been used. So maybe it’s best to leave your dirty robe on the floor instead of hanging it back up the next time you’re in a hotel ?

#27 This Carpet In My Friend’s Hotel

A carpet with a killer style. Actually. Absolutely nothing’s more relaxing than going to your hotel space and discovering that either a murder happened in the hotel’s passage or the blood elevator scene from Stanley Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’ is really a thing which takes place from time to time in genuine hotels also. And if that holds true, why should some one be troubled with altering the carpets?

#28 Just Wanted A Nice, Hot Shower At The Hotel I Was Staying At

You know that feeling when you’re a hotel owner and the customers don’t know how to ration their hot water usage? Well, the owner of this hotel apparently had had enough and went to the trouble of inventing ways to stop people from taking hot showers. Perhaps a cold shower of negative reviews will change this owner’s mind sooner or later.

#29 Wish Hotels Posted Shower Head Height. I Would Filter For That When Booking

If you’re wondering, the guy’s 6’5″. But his 5’9″ wife wasn’t impressed either. Sorry. No pictures of her in the shower, though.

#30 I Have To Pay Them To Take The Mini Bar Out Of My Room…

Minibar items are always ridiculously overpriced, but what if you just want to check out what’s inside and accidentally move some items? Well in this hotel you’d be safer to never even touch the air around the minibar. Just imagine what the bill would look like if an earthquake happened during your stay!

#31 The Pillowcases At Our Hotel Have A “Palm Tree” Stitched On…

The guy who took this picture said he loved the hotel, though. And yes, this comes after his wife spotted these “palm trees” in the middle of the night while going to sleep. Why, you ask, the hotel would scare their guests like that? Good question. Well, according to the man behind the pic, it has “Pal tree” in its name.

#32 The Hotel Tried To Make Our Stay Special… They Succeeded!

It’s what you get after you write ‘congrats’ and realize that you still have half your rose petals left over. Just one question, though. Who the hell is Tulation?

#33 Sinkhole Just Developed In My Hotel Room

The sink of this hotel in Wisconsin apparently just fell down when the person was using it. Looks like all that was holding it to the bottom of the countertop was a thin line of silicone caulk, which clearly, wasn’t enough. Someone said that securing the sinks with silicone is common, but it has to be done properly and should also be secured with additional metal brackets.

#34 The Website Said This Motel Had A Gym

They got a gym, a bar for guests continental breakfast and a beautifully decorated room all at once! Also they’ve provided a mirror for the most important part of any workout – the gym mirror selfie!

#35 The Decorations On This Hotel Restaurant

You can call it degenerate, decadent, debauched, depraved, vicious, retrograde… But it will not change the fact that it’s also modern. This, of course, is an often case with modern art and it usually applies to the modern art exhibitions, where, people don’t usually go to eat. Unlike a hotel restaurant. Well, you never know, maybe the designer was told to “make it look modern”?

#36 The Bathroom In Our Hotel

Just sit on the toilet!!! It’s not that difficult. Or stand on the edge of the tub with your head in the skylight hole, aiming your pee pee approximately 2 feet in front of you in a 273-degree angle. You decide.

#37 This Handicap Toilet In A 4 Star Hotel

Person who stayed in this hotel in Romania said they asked a lady that worked there about this whole situation and she said they have no other place to store these things. What’s even more surprising is that they have three mop buckets yet still use the toilet!

#38 Great View From My Hotel Room…

This hotel in New Orleans certainly did not exceed expectations. What confused this guest the most was that the curtains indicated a much larger window. They could’ve at least added some kind of mural on the wall!

#39 The Mirror In My Hotel Room Let’s Anyone Look In On The Bed, Even With The Curtains Closed

Holiday Inn Express, New Mexico. The place where voyeurs and exhibitionists can work together to please their desires. Everyone’s got their kink, I suppose.


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