Some People Have No Idea How To Use Mask And Gloves ( Some Of Them Are Stupid And Some Funny )

You have actually most likely seen it on TELEVISION, heard it on the radio, and check out it on the internet– use individual protective devices when heading out in public, preserve social range and clean your hands frequently. Yet no matter the number of times they hear it every day, some individuals still stop working to understand the value of securing themselves (and others) throughout this breakout. However, do not fret– there’s absolutely nothing a little public shaming could not repair.

Individuals are sharing pictures of individuals imitating total morons throughout the coronavirus break out and the pictures will make you shake your head in shock. From microwaving cash to preventing whatever that has “Corona” in its name, take a look at individuals who imitated morons throughout the breakout and got shamed for it in the gallery listed below!

#1 Just Your Typical Walmart Shopper

Image source: LordCinko

#2 Stupid Mask

Image source: EmilyAnnette6

#3 All The Beans At My Local Grocery Store Are Out Except This One

Image source: ThePortlandStrangler

#4 Well, Thank Goodness The Virus Can’t Move Sideways

#5 Someone Tell Snorkel Lady That It Won’t Work

Image source: rsm386

#6 Someone’s Rooftop Party Is About To Get Raided By The Cops

Image source: kalltvatten

#7 $5000 Canadian After Someone Using The Microwave To Disinfect It

Image source: jdk

#8 Went To The Shop Last Night. Every Aisle Had Been Picked Clean Apart From This… People Are Idiots

Image source: Cha7l1e

#9 Well

Image source: KenWebsterII

#10 To Make This Safe

Image source: boberfly

#11 If You Can’t Smell It, You Can’t Get It

Image source: corey-in-cambodia

#12 5G —> Death = Science

Image source: froooon

#13 So, My Work Had A Meeting About The Importance Of Social Distancing Today

Image source: SoManyWeeaboos

#14 This Guy Was Eating His Food Wearing The Same Gloves He’s Been Wearing Since He Walked In

Image source: Necessary-Silver

#15 To Shield The Face

Image source: ThisIsTrix

#16 Social Gathering At St Kilda Beach Today

Image source: leighhenningham

#17 How To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

Image source: cuchicou

#18 How To Put Your Mask Correctly

Image source: rilebro

#19 Ladies And Gentlemen, The President Of Our Meatpacking Plant While Talking About The Plant’s Safety Procedures During The Virus

Image source: sunkist268

#20 She’s Wearing A Mesh Bee Keeper Type Helmet. I’m Not Sure She Gets The Point

Image source: karmapointsaregay

#21 To Protect Against COVID-19

Image source: Mrdazjames

#22 It Was Painful Watching This Happen

Image source: send_me_ur_best_meme

#23 Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner Doesn’t Seem To Understand How To Put On A Medical Mask Either. Mayor, Your Nostrils Are Showing

Image source: KenWebsterII

#24 I Don’t Think She Knows What “Quarantining” Means

Image source: lynchdabinch

#25 No, I Don’t Use My Nose To Breathe

Image source: PianistCryuff

#26 Protesters Against Quarantine Back Again At The Ohio Statehouse

Image source: karenkasler

#27 Someone Brought These Bills To The Bank They Tried To Sanitize In A Microwave

Image source: Jamaisfaux

#28 I Don’t Believe This Is Proper Glove-Wearing Protocol

#29 Wife Said To Wear A Mask In Public Areas?

Image source: kayosjim

#30 There Was An Attempt To Use A Mask

Image source: PropagandaDebunker

#31 He’s A Little Confused But He Got The Spirit

Image source:

#32 N95s Filtering Improves If You Wear It As A Headband

Image source: orlando2542

#33 I Don’t Think That’s How It Works

Image source: eoztenten

#34 Good To Know Coronavirus Only Travels Forward And Backwards

Image source: jcepiano

#35 Seen Today In The Atlanta Airport – Babies In Comforter Bags

Image source: hme9115


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