Siblings Or Dating? 30 Tricky ‘Couple’ Pics That Got People Hooked To The Challenge

Do you know how they say that people who got married would begin to resemble each other as time goes by? On the other hand, some siblings often get mistaken for being couples because they hang around together and cool around each other. The ‘siblings or dating’ challenge went viral on an Instagram page that is solely dedicated to this.

It is so hard to tell them apart because they are both smiling happily. The couples aren’t kissing or being romantic with each other; the siblings aren’t fighting or doing insane sibling-things either. Almost 300k people are addicted to the guessing game already. Can you tell them apart?


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78% votes said they are siblings.

Nope, they are dating!

60% of voters think they are siblings.

They are DATING.

87% of people think they are siblings.

DATING. You asked what do you mean dating, they even dress so similar? I have no idea, I’m going mad just like you.

About 73% votes for dating.

Yeah, well, they also lookalike. Because they are SIBLINGS.

When you think it could not be that hard, these people completely confuse people. When it comes to siblings, people like to think you only fight with them. It is rare to get a warm picture when you hug each other lovingly and then show that picture for others to believe. As someone who has two older brothers, it is often hard to believe.

They look like a cute couple according to 73% of votes.

SIBLINGS. They are brother and sister.

There 85% votes for dating on this two.


There were 58% votes for dating.

Nope, they are DATING.

About 68% votes for dating because of the hand.

Welp, SIBLINGS sighted. Is it time to crack the Alabama joke?

Aww, is that his love proclamation for him?

Nah, just two SIBLINGS with an amazing fashion sense.

About 59% of voters said they are siblings.

There are DATING, with similar eye makeup.

Only 53% people think they are dating.

Woah, those gorgeous eyes… this DATING couple will have such a beautiful baby in the future.

Vote for dating: 83%.

Caitlyn said in the comment post: my brother is my best mate. SIBLINGS.

There are people who are used to skinship with their siblings, saying that it is not weird at all. When you are comfortable and trust that person, you will not feel weird or grossed out just because you let them hug you. Unless you have never hugged them for your entire life, that is indeed true! Take this from someone who still cannot stop cringing from that one hug with my oldest brother from 4 years ago.

About 64% of them guessed they were siblings.

The resemblance probably gave it away, they are SIBLINGS.

53% of votes went to siblings.

Welp, they are DATING.

56% of people guessed they were dating.

Gorgeous eyes sucked each other in, they are DATING.

79% of votes said they were siblings.

Is it because they wore matching color clothes and showed similar smiles while making the same pose? Anyway, they are DATING.

The 69% of people who think they are dating…

…hate themselves once more because they are SIBLINGS.

About 59% of votes for siblings.

Yep, SIBLINGS confirmed.

69% people think they are siblings.

They are DATING.

65% of people guessed they are siblings.

You most probably was right. They are siblings.

Goofy picture, the exact kind of picture siblings like to take.

Oh wait, they are actually DATING.

Somehow, they look like they have the same smile.

Well, they are in love with each other. DATING.

There is this phenomenon where people seem to date those that look similar to them. In fact, their appearance begin to resemble each other as time goes by! But as it appears from a study where both men and women are given options from a range of appearances who they like most, a resemblance to themselves was the highest result.

78% voted they were dating.

Yeah, they are DATING.

Oh wait, same hair, similar skin color…

Must be sib-, nope. They are DATING.

Aye, good mates, good brothers, right?

Jokes on you all, they are dating.

62% people think they are siblings.


71% of people voted they are dating.

They are indeed DATING.

57% people think they are dating.

Well, they are SIBLINGS on a day out at the beach.

56% people say they are dating.


About 68% people think they are siblings.

Yeah, they are SIBLINGS!

So, did these mess up your mind real bad? Some siblings are really close to each other, never minding that they are men and women, but that they are family. Some couples look so similar to each other; it is so hard to say they are not related at all!



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