Share This ‘Spoon Trick’ For Those Who Need To Escape Their Abusers At The Airport

This world is really… really messed up. There are times when we wonder how did people ‘evolve’ into beings such as these?

Slavery has been made illegal all over the world, but human trafficking never ceased to exist. In fact, heartless perpetrators come up with myriad ways to ship out people, mostly women, and children, to be sold. There are over 24.9 million victims of forced labor and 4.8 million of them sexually exploited in 2017. One million of them are children.

To top that off, people make off $150 billion in total from human trafficking annually.

This person shares a tip to help victims escape their abusers.



This is just one of many available channels for people to find help and escape their abusers. The tweets were later deleted for unknown reasons, but the information was based on Karma Nirvana’s tips to help people escape when they are forced at the airport.

Of course, the victims and people around them are suggested to try all other methods. From informing authorities, organizations, and when nothing works, the site suggested “this advice is a last resort measure” to escape. It has evidently saved a woman from her forced marriage when a call handler told her to hide a spoon in the underwear.

Karma Nirvana is an organization that focuses on helping ‘honor-based abuses and forced marriage victims,’ which are illegal in the UK. But this method can be used by anyone – trafficking and kidnapping victims included.

Karma Nirvana

The airport staff are very well-informed about the various methods victims may use to find help.


There are also other methods where victims can alert the police: dial ’55’ when speaking to the police to alert them if you’re in a domestic abuse situation. Lockdown may have prevented many from getting flights out and into differing countries, but the abuse continues.

Dial 0800 5999 247 if you or someone you know are facing similar problems in the UK region.

You never know when a phone call or a spoon can save lives.