People On Twitter Are Posting Pics Of Their Dogs As Little Puppies Vs. What They Look Like Now (30 Pics)

Time flies at the speed of light when holding your puppy. One day, your boi is all chunky and fits into your lap just fine, and the next day, he turns into a woofer bigger than the world itself.

Twitter users have been capturing their fluffers in cute before and after pics, showing what a night and day difference a month or two can make. After the guy who goes by the Twitter handle, @_ThatGuyFuller posted a pic of himself holding his curly Goldendoodle when he was 2 months and after he reached 7 months, the thread blew up.

2.1 million likes and almost 300K retweets show just how proud (and tearful when no one’s watching) it makes us to watch our furry kids grow up. And I don’t wanna say it, but it kinda makes me get all those moms and dads acting so extra at the prom.

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You see your puppo all smol and chonky one day and the next, he or she turns into a woofer nearly your size. The pics don’t lie and it’s not only in your head. Canines do indeed grow up real fast, but every dog has its own pace.

Officially, puppies are considered to become adults when they reach one year old. But in reality, their bones continue developing anywhere from six to twenty-four months. Smaller breeds grow up way quicker than larger ones, with petite puppies finishing growing at half the age of their big counterparts.

Dr. Jerry Klein, DVM and Chief Veterinary Officer at AKC, said that on average, “small breeds typically stop growing by the time they reach 6 to 8 months of age.” Meanwhile, “Giant breed puppies grow until they are 12 to 18 months old.”


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The canine experts at “Monkoo Dog” suggest taking note of your pet’s development. First, they urge you to keep in mind that “Your puppy’s breed is usually a dependable indicator of its size upon reaching maturity.” Another indication of your pet’s growth is its paw size, which should be proportionate to the rest of the body.

Loose skin also indicates how big they’re going to be. For example, “If the puppy’s skin appears loose upon touching, it could indicate that the puppy could grow to be big, which is evident from the more room he has to fit into.”


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Most importantly, “Monkoo Dog” experts suggest taking care of your puppy’s diet and making sure he or she gets enough quality nutrition to grow up into a healthy, social woofer.

But they warn not to free feed your puppy, because “you risk allowing it to grow faster than you anticipate.”

On the other hand, physical maturity is not the only factor that determines whether a puppo is ready to step into the adult world. Social maturity is just as important and both socialization and training continue throughout your pet’s lifetime.


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