Here Is A Funny Reason Why Cat Owner Should Have a Glass Table

We enjoy them for a number of factors. The very first is since they’re so adorable! How can you not like those itty-bitty little faces, the fluffy tails, and the small jelly bean toes? It’s generally difficult. Naturally, the 2nd factor we like them is they’re so unusual. If you didn’t mature around felines, you most likely had a couple of experiences as an adult when you lastly experienced one and questioned what the heck they were doing. They range from space to space like they’re had. They bring in any container they can discover (other than their costly feline bed). They make the strangest noises, particularly when they see birds or squirrels, and they flex in manner ins which should not be physically possible. However, with all their weirdness, felines understand they’re remarkable. They don’t care that we make fun of how adorable or wacky they are. They believe they’re fantastic. And obviously, if there is a table offered, they’ll rest on it. More properly, they’ll sit, lay, sprawl, loll, and tidy themselves on it. And if it’s a glass table, cat tower, window, or skylight, you get to see some sights like these.

#1 Every Step You Take Every Bag You Shake Every Fish You Bake I’ll Be Watching You!

#2 My Mother Just Sent Me This Picture.. She Just Woke Up And Had This Fella Sleeping Over Her Bed

#3 The Tongue Out Tuesday Vibes In Combination With Some Chubbiness And Bootyfulness

#4 The Most Spectacular View From The Bottom

#5 Glass Bowl Of Cat!

#6 Mikan Is Always Crushed

#7 Bean Paws

#8 Hover Cat Is Here

#9 Oh Hello. I Didn’t See You Down There

#10 MRW I Have No Money And I See People Eating Delicious Food In Cafes

#11 Wish You A Pawsome Day. Beautiful Pawsies Lola And Nina

#12 Cats Are Liquid

#13 Melting Cloud

#14 Floof

#15 I See What You Are Cooking

#16 Squishy Boi

#17 Sleeping Like That

#18 Looking Up At A Full Set Of Jellybeans

#19 The Anatomy Of A Catloaf

#20 Chubby Cheeks

#21 Judging You From On High

#22 Kitty Had A Hard Night

#23 I Notice You Looking At Muh Belleh!!!

#24 Is There Even Such A Thing As Too Many Wrinkles?

#25 “Human, Look At Ma Beans!”

#26 Feeling Sleepy

#27 Cutest Gremlin Ever

#28 Pete Cleaning On Glass

#29 Human If You Post This We Are Going To Have Problems

#30 Watcha Lookin At, Hooman?

#31 A Fine Delicacy, “Le Bootay”

#32 A Curled Peet, Jellybean Toes Fully On Display

#33 Cat On Glass Table

#34 Did You Just Say I Have Double Chin?

#35 Pawties

#36 Detailed Study Of The Front Part Of A Catloaf #1

#37 Cat Derping On A Glass Table

#38 Fat Loaf

#39 Hover Cat

#40 Cat On Glass

#41 Cat On Glass

#42 Flat Face Sitting On A Flat Place

#43 Look At My Little Feet

#44 The Anatomy Of A Catloaf

#45 Coconut Oil Always Does The Trick

#46 At Our Local Cat Cafe

#47 Pancy On Glass

#48 Glass Beans

#49 Some iPhone Fun With Scout, The Un-Cat On Top Of A Glass Table


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