Guy Uses Drone To Take Photos Of People Stuck In Quarantine

I took my drone and photographed individuals in their houses through their windows and on their balconies. It’s a 100% zero-human-contact method to see how individuals are going bananas throughout quarantine times.

When Lithuania went under quarantine, all my photography tasks in marketing were canceled, occasions held off or canceled, and I was sitting with no task and thinking, “what the heck is going on and how can I fix this puzzle?” Ultimately, I understood that I required to photo something fascinating, however, this social range thing was a challenging thing. Initially, I thought about using to shoot individuals with a telephoto lens, however then I remembered I utilize a drone in my wedding event photography and the drone is an absolutely zero-human-contact method to catch things. I shot a few of my friends, the pictures got a lot of likes, and the job removed.

I began this job to provide individuals a possibility to brighten their day in this unfavorable corona detail environment. I think that these amusing pictures advise everybody that sitting quarantined in your home can be enjoyable too. And, naturally, to advise everyone that you require to keep your social range throughout these times.

Update: All images were taken with approval and I have approval from these individuals to share their images.

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