Girl Asked Roommate To Look After Her Plants While Shes Away, And Got Surprised

When Lauren French from London scheduled a trip over the Atlantic, she began trying to find somebody who might care for her plants. Jack, her housemate, was the best prospect. He’s amusing, thoughtful; whatever you ‘d desire in an individual who’s looking after your plants. And, simply days, later on, Jack sent out Lauren a set of photos, hilariously revealing that he’s not cutting any corners.

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She has 5 plants in her bedroom, and Jack made certain that each of them gets the attention. Laura got his images a few days after she left, and she definitely liked them. “I arrived in New York on Friday early morning. I got a message Friday PM from Jack stating he’s taking care of the plants as I asked.

“Jack’s is a great guy and very funny,” she said. “Jack always doing really funny things like this and is always making us laugh. On the pictures, you can see that he has since of humor and great ideas.

People immediately respond on her Twitter post

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Do you have a person that will take care of your plants?


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