Ex-Prisoner Manages To Get Employed 10 Days After His Release From Prison, Others Share How It Was Much Harder For Them

While being released from prison is surely a positive experience, it does, unfortunately, come with its own hurdles and challenges. As discussed in a recent post by Bored Panda, getting out of prison leads to a certain kind of reverse culture shock where you have to relearn to live among people again all the while carrying your now prison past with you.

Despite this, there are many stories of success and good luck among former prisoners. One such ex-prisoner, Londarel Harris, recently took to Twitter to share his joy in finding a job in a surprisingly short amount of time. And the internet was happy for him too—so happy, in fact, that it led to his tweet going viral.

Being released from prison is surely a positive thing, but it does come with its challenges, especially job-wise

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So, Londarel Harris was recently released from prison, and wasted no time—he immediately started looking for a job. To many’s surprise, including his own, he managed to get hired just 10 days after his release from prison.

He posted a selfie on his Twitter with the caption: “Got my first job on the 10th day of my release from prison. Starting from the bottom up.”

Fortunately, Londarel Harris, an ex-prisoner, got lucky and was employed on his 10th day since release

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Now, this is a bit of a big deal for many reasons. Besides the fact that finding a job in less than 10 days is a challenge in and of itself, remember that Harris is still just getting used to living life as a free man—it does take time getting used to how people hunt for jobs nowadays after spending time in prison.

Besides that, there are still a number of employers who are reluctant to hire people with a criminal record, no matter what the crime actually was. Many employers don’t want to hire ex-prisoners out of fear that they may possibly bring trouble into the company.

Turns out, for most ex-prisoners it takes months if not years after release to finally get employed

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Everyone who commented was super positive and supportive of Harris and the tweet went viral

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Oh, and it’s also the coronavirus pandemic—that also ramps up the difficulty of finding a job due to rising unemployment rates and the subsequently fierce competition in the job market.

Nevertheless, Harris pulled it off. His tweet soon began drawing interest on the internet and went viral. Not only did it receive nearly 700,000 likes within a day, but also over 39,900 retweets and a tidal wave of positivity from friendly internauts.

Many were surprised at how fast Harris got a job, telling their stories of how they spent months and even years looking for work after their release. Some were luckier than others as there were people who explained how they believe being a felon is an automatic game over when it comes to jobs.

Harris’ good friend—also an ex prisoner—shared his experience and how he got into programming

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Others were expressing their support with positive tweets. Many were congratulating him, saying that hard work and diligence will lead him to success, while others offered help with learning the right skills.

Now, it isn’t clear as to what job he got, but it is believed that it’s in the field of computer programming as Harris explicitly noted in a follow-up tweet that it’s a career he aims for.

Several weeks before, Harris tweeted that him being home from prison seemed unbelievable, but a wonderful feeling nonetheless. He promised to refocus his energy on positive things with the help of his significant other and good friend Rick Wolter, who’s also an ex-prisoner and now a software developer.

Wolter was most likely the reason why Harris decided to pursue a career in computer programming. He responded to Harris’ tweet explaining that he spent much of his adult life in prison, but before getting out, he began to learn to code as it was an amazing escape that captivated him and he turned into a proper career after prison.

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Harris received an overwhelming amount of positivity ant support from many strangers online

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People were genuinely happy to see Harris make it, wishing him all the best in his career

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Since Harris wanted to get into learning to program computers, some stepped up to offer help with that

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Harris’ tweet got nearly 700,000 likes with over 39,900 retweets in just a day

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