89 German Shepherd Puppy Photos That Show Just How Cute These Intelligent Dogs Can Be

German Shepherds stand in the front rank of canine royalty, and experts say it’s mostly due to their character: loyalty, courage, confidence, the ability to learn commands for many tasks, and the willingness to put their life on the line in defense of loved ones really make these dogs special. German Shepherds are gentle family pets and steadfast guardians, but before they become any of these things, they are the cutest puppies.

To show just how adorable these intelligent little pooches can be, we have put together a list of photos that perfectly capture their everyday life. From joining K-9 units to simply napping on the couch, continue scrolling and enjoy the snaps!

#1 First Day At Work

Image credits: peterbenko9

#2 Well, He Figured Out That He Can Splash Water Everywhere

Image credits: ada-ada

#3 I Love This Happy Face

Image credits: harllop

#4 Because Puppy

Image credits: igotbannedthisismynewname

#5 Happy Paws

Image credits: rayco.ogsd

#6 Please See Instruction Manual Before Assembling German Shepherd Puppy

Image credits: loopdeloops

#7 Branch Manager & Assistant Branch Manager

Image credits: kona.and.nala

#8 My Shepherd Puppy In The ‘Teepee’ Ear Stage

Image credits: shitshaw

#9 German Shepherd? I Think We Adopted A Kangaroo

Image credits: bigfootamp

#10 We Always Thought He Would Grow Into His Ears

Image credits: oldtupperWare

#11 My Boss Got A Puppy And Brought Her Into The Office. Productivity Went Waaay Down

Image credits: penguindisco

#12 Police Puppy

Image credits: colexyz

#13 Adorable German Shepherd Puppy At The Vet

Image credits: commonvanilla

#14 Adorable German Shepherd

#15 My Favorite Little German Shepherd

Image credits: hurdur1

#16 Moments Before Attacking My Phone

Image credits: ZiltoidTheHorror

#17 German Shepherd Branch Manager

Image credits: Divider1

#18 This Fluffy Boy Came Into The Shelter I Work At

Image credits: lentilbeanz

#19 My Fiancé Has Wanted A Dog His Whole Life. This Is His College Graduation Present. Welcome Home Maple

The guy I got her from said she’s a black sable German shepherd. I don’t know how different that is from a traditional German shepherd though. We adore her

Image credits: AlexisaurusRex

#20 The First Time My Little Guy Got Groomed

Image credits: justy805

#21 Totally Invisible Rabbit. Right?!

Image credits: rayco.ogsd

#22 This Is Our German Shepherd Pup, Pepper, We Believe She Is Part Bear

Image credits: sm0keyii

#23 He’s Getting Bigger

He’s my first dog ever, not my wife’s but he’s amazing so far. He’s 4 months old in the picture.

Image credits: stupidfuntime

#24 Superpup In Her Sleep

Image credits: mollythelongcoatgsd

#25 Tongue Out, Ears Up – It’s Time To Party

Image credits: Rupert_Bumkin

#26 Enjoying The Air Conditioner

Image credits: shywildrose

#27 Am I A Good Girl Sitting Like This In The Car?

Image credits: luna_thefurry_gsd

#28 When Your Food Bowl Is Empty And You’re Asking For More

Image credits: kodi_mazwi_adventures

#29 Ah, So This Is What A Selfie Looks Like. Real Question Though, Does This Angle Make Me Look Fat?

Image credits: oakley_germanshepherd

#30 Ever See A Dog Skateboard?

Image credits: kodiak_the_gsd

#31 Throwback To My Adorable Fuzz Head

Image credits: baron_the_gsd

#32 Ferocious

Image credits: baron_black_gsd

#33 Peaches And Paris

Image credits: peaches_and_paris.gsd

#34 Was At Work, Asked My Sister For A Snap Of My German Shepherd To Show My Friend

Image credits: Dayman360

#35 Belly Rubs, Pleaseee

Image credits: kira_shepherd4

#36 Jax Being A Derp

Image credits: SumoSect

#37 My New Puppy Admires The Heck Out Of Her Older Brother

Image credits: Shenanigans22

#38 Play Date At The Park

Image credits: koda.and.hoonah.gsd

#39 My Puppy Gigi, Figured She Could Get Some Love Here

Image credits: trappinginauhaul

#40 Chasing Bubbles

Image credits: enzo.swe

#41 Shall I Drive?

Image credits: elmo.ogsd

#42 If You Play A Sport, You Can Count Me In To Come And Watch You Play

Image credits: oakley_germanshepherd

#43 Beep Beep

Image credits: kaigsdrulez

#44 Cute Boi

Image credits: sc00byj3w

#45 Told My 10 Month Old German Shepherd He Was A Good Boy

Image credits: St_duggi

#46 A German Shepherd Puppy Or A Cub?

Image credits: Mahogany German Shepherds

#47 Sun’s Out, Tongue’s Out

Image credits: thepetmeshop

#48 He Grew A Little

Image credits: jm4997

#49 Baby German Shepherd For The Win

Image credits: lauradiamandis

#50 My 8 Week German Shepherd Has One Lazy Ear

Image credits: Swoonz

#51 The Cutest *mlem* You’ll See All Day

Image credits: ragonk_1310

#52 My Dad Told Me To Post This Photo Of My Pup On “One Of Those Websites For Cute Dog Pictures” So I Had To Oblige

Image credits: htt1258

#53 My New Unhelpful Helper

Image credits: R3J3

#54 Hello Everybody

Image credits: skye_thegsd

#55 So Sweet, But So Bad At The Same Time

Image credits: srmx16

#56 Oh My Goodness, Look At Those Ears! Too Cute

Image credits: bella102

#57 He’s All Ears

#58 Cuteness Overload

#59 My New German Shepherd Is A Little Goofier Than Expected

Image credits: ANEWSTART4YOU

#60 5 Months And 50 Lbs, I Am Going To Carry Him When He Is 70 Lbs Too!

Image credits: windy420

#61 Meet Ripley – My 16 Week Dog

Image credits: Glitched_Lion

#62 Can I Keep This Stick? Pretty Please With Puppy Dog Eyes

Image credits: boots.theblackgsd

#63 Look At Those Wittle Teeth

Image credits: codyb.thegsd

#64 Live. Love. Lake

Image credits: peaches_and_paris.gsd

#65 Meet Bear, My Happy Goofy German Shepherd

Image credits: MLtLH

#66 I Played In The Snow For The First Time Today

Image credits: travels_of_bella

#67 10-Week-Old German Shepherd Puppy Valentine, Looking As Cute As Can Be

Image credits: Littlebark

#68 Crusin’

Image credits: hello.its.bruno

#69 “I’ve Got One Antenna, Soon I’ll Have Two”

Image credits: eldigaelda_gsd

#70 Bunnings Adventures

Image credits: negan.the_gsd

#71 My Puppy Is So Happy To See His Littermate When We Meet Up To Go To The Park. Twins

Image credits: Darth_Betta

#72 12-Week-Old Puppy, She Sticks Her Tongue Out When She Head Tilts

Image credits: impressablenomad38

#73 I Chews You

Image credits: brodie_thegsd

#74 Meet Kugo, Our 2-Month-Old German Shepherd

Image credits: JacobbMC

#75 I Brought This Fluffball Home

Image credits: larryb2

#76 Just Taking It Back To When My Pawrents Brought Me Home At 8 Weeks

Image credits: oakley_germanshepherd

#77 Pars With Daddy

Image credits: pars_the_dog

#78 Time To Go Water My Pants

Image credits: luna.the.gsd2

#79 Selfie

Image credits: lifeofluna_thegsd

#80 Zoey, The German Shepherd

Image credits: JordanFilbrun

#81 My (At The Time) 2 Year-Old Son With Our 8 Week Old German Shepherd Dressed As Swat Members

Image credits: Mickiez30

#82 Look How Cute I Am

Image credits: joannrs

#83 Wagon Full Of Puppies

Image credits: eharty

#84 After Immigrating And Settling Into A New Country, My Partner And I Decided To Extend Our Family By One, Everyone Meet Sigrid

Image credits: IrishScienceGuy

#85 Little Man Bruno Got His First Round Of Shots Today

Image credits: codyoung1

#86 Kato Mastered “Sit” And “Stay, So Now We Are Moving On To “Defensive Driving”

Image credits: AV-on-Reddit

#87 Growing Up

Image credits: xrstunt

#88 Is It Friday Yet?

#89 After Wanting A Dog For Years, I Finally Did A Thing Today. Say Hi To Wally

Image credits: Mattguidry


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