30 Times Camera Captured The Weirdest Things People Do For The Pictures

But they aren’t the only ones in this list. As you know, there are just people in general who do really funny things for good pictures.

Thanks for the laugh.

influencersinthewild, leor_saghian

Nothing like seeing a man trying to monetize a $4 burger.

influencersinthewild, nate.lucero

Natural selection at work.


Impromptu baptism.

Was this worth it?


She wanted to throw her mother’s ashes into the ocean, but it blew back to her. A metaphor of 2020.

influencersinthewild, shesachampion

Does your camera not have the ‘zoom’ feature?

influencersinthewild, kn.wildlife

What the hell is happening – a garbage truck, pole dancer with high heels on the beach.

influencersinthewild, scott__beach

National Geographic photographer taking a picture of beached influencer.

influencersinthewild, __l_n_

When people say they miss the Coachella, the didn’t mean this.

influencersinthewild, littlemiss_ky

Getting frostbite all over your body for a picture? That’s true dedication.


Must have made one big wish for that.

influencersinthewild, maddiemonti_

Beautiful morning to be hanging on a tree.

influencersinthewild, linalegg

Don’t forget to lock the door when you go out.

influencersinthewild, noelleoninsta

Oh no…

influencersinthewild, ihalawi23

Must have hurt.

influencersinthewild, hannahcebull

Ah, yes, very appropriate.

influencersinthewild, sweetcar0lyn

What did they even expect?

influencersinthewild, _ddsquad

The cold never bothered him anyway.

influencersinthewild, rachelynh

What in the world-

influencersinthewild, ivenhays

Now this is just totally disrespectful.

influencersinthewild, thatonetattooedgir

Woman with dedication.

influencersinthewild, laurrrenhunter

Looks like if Jack Sparrow had a kid with a The Rock.

influencersinthewild, white_pepper

Cat has had enough.

influencersinthewild, ln_k8r

Milk, please.

influencersinthewild, francety

We want to see the final result of the picture.

influencersinthewild, tarapeutic

Who doesn’t love surprise wave smash?

influencersinthewild, sitara_hewitt

How did they even think this was a great idea?

Can’t miss this opportunity for a good picture at the airport.


Seconds before disaster.



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