26 Times People Got Surprised By Wild Foxes Visiting Their Homes

Foxes are known for being friendly and curious, and nothing highlights it better than all of the visits they pay people at their homes.

That’s right, these beautiful, nosy creatures keep finding ways into our kitchens, bedrooms… and I understand if you think I’m making it up. It sounds sketchy. Luckily, people who are surprised by these animals often take photos of them before asking them to leave.

We collected these pictures to show that nobody is safe from these uninvited — yet absolutely adorable — guests, so don’t panic if it happens to you as well. Instead, get the camera!

#1 The Fox Flower

Image credits: _helendale

#2 A Fox. Behind My Bookcase. An Actual Fox. A Library Fox. At 4am. An Actual Bloody Bona Fide Library Fox. What A Night It’s Been

Image credits: alistairjohn1

#3 Well That’s A First. Usually The Foxes Are More…

Image credits: mythosfox

#4 Woman Finds Fox Sleeping In Her Cat’s Bed

Image credits: Meloney Blayze

#5 I Think Someone Has A Crush On My Christmas Light Decoration

Image credits: cyyclist

#6 Here’s A Fox Who Wandered Upstairs To Check Out My Bookshelf A While Ago

Image credits: turquoiseroof

#7 Friendly Fox

Image credits: gamletrap

#8 Curious Fox Wanders Into Home To Steal A Drink During Lockdown In Dublin

Image credits: Independent.ie

#9 Found This Fox Chilling In The Backyard

Image credits: ltc_ir1

#10 Walked Into The Kitchen Only To Find A Fox That Had Just Randomly Decided To Sneak Into The House And Take A Nap On Top Of Their Microwave

Image credits: RSPCA

#11 Visited By Foxe

Image credits: Featureworld

#12 Our Local Fox Is Getting More Brave

Image credits: antinbath

#13 Do You Get Visitors Like This? I Love Our Local Foxes

Image credits: silly_ola

#14 A Fox. Behind My Bookcase. An Actual Fox. A Library Fox. At 4am. An Actual Bloody Bona Fide Library Fox. What A Night It’s Been

Image credits: N4CeeJayUU

#15 Foxen Sleeping On Friends Upstairs Deck. Last Year There Was Only One

Image credits: reddit.com

#16 Our Humane Officer Was Called Out To Ocean Beach Yesterday Because A Resident There Reported A Critter Had Gotten Into Her House. The Resident’s Dog Was Playing With An Unknown Animal, Who Ended Up Running Into The House

Image credits: San Diego Humane Society

#17 Caught This Fox Napping In My Garden

Image credits: HoydenCaulfield

#18 What Happens When Foxes Live In Your Garden

Image credits: dearswiftparrot

#19 One Wandered In To Our House Yesterday And Ate My Headphones

Image credits: CSmithWestmins

#20 Fox Sneaks Onto Ottawa City Bus For A Nap

Image credits: bdover28

#21 If It Fits… I Sits

Image credits: francespanderson111

#22 A Fox I Met On A Balcony That Sat With Me For At Least 10 Minutes

Image credits: Tint1n_

#23 Becoming Buddies With A Fox That Wandered Into Our House

Image credits: BeardedUniverse

#24 A Little Visitor

Image credits: CavemanJaySole

#25 So A Fox Decided To Show Up Outside My Door In The Middle Of The Night

Image credits: Mockaxoxo

#26 A Fox Sneaked Into A Furniture Shop And Chilled On Top Of One Of The Couches. He Was Lured Out With Pancakes

Image credits: C1dal


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