25 Hilarious Selfies Where The Background is More Interesting

Taking selfies is a hobby for many people. More often than not, however, we’re not conscious of what’s going on around us when we take those pictures. We’re focused on how we look in those pictures, after all, not how others look. But these fails will definitely serve as great reminders to pay attention to your surrounding before you take a picture next time.

The embarrassments that come only later when you’ve posted the pictures because someone pointed it out to you… We definitely want to avoid this kind of situation at all costs.

1. That inappropriate man.

2. That little spidey.

3. That man that needs to be arrested.

4. That sibling.

Many of these hilarious fails resulted from photobombs. It is a situation when the photographer snap a picture right when an unexpected object or person entered the frame and stole the spotlight. The term photobombing became popular beginning in 2009, together with the growing popularity and easiness of taking pictures.

5. That person wants to join in.

6. Not for kids.

7. Mom disapproves.

8. Check out my back!

9. Why the focus?!

10. Mom is your best supporter.

11. Not sleeping and on iPad?!

12. One additional eye in the picture.

The earliest ever recorded photobomb, however, could be traced back to hundreds of years ago. It is presumed that the picture of Sally and Mrs. Reed from c. 1853 with a boy mischievously peeking from behind was the first-ever recorded with a photobomb. The word became so popular Collins English Dictionary named it Word of the Year in 2014.

13. We did not need to know where she took this.

14. Ah yes, dad, mom, me, and the cannon that launched me.

15. Woah.

16. She looks lonely.

17. Not funny, message received.

18. Dog has a peculiar diet.

19. The dedication in taking this selfie.

20. That dog’s position was perfect.

The Urban Dictionary recorded that the term ‘photobomb’ was first used on May 6th, 2008. As acquiring a smartphone with a camera becomes more affordable and widely accessible, the number of selfies and photobombs has also increased. If you find this list hilarious, you’ll definitely love checking out these fantastic photobombs as well!

21. He’s got a good photographer right there.

22. Seconds before she screams to her dad about ruining her selfie.

23. This daughter that confuses her mom.

24. “I Know Voldemort Is In The Background

25. Even this dog is sick of her s**t


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